Vegetarian in Calgary

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Photo by: Shannon Galley

Calgary is famously known as cowtown, a nod to our western heritage and the ranch land that surrounds the city. In the midst of the vast prairie, Calgary is a metropolitan city, home to people with a variety of lifestyles, including specific dietary requirements or preferences.

This site aims to explore the various aspects to the vegetarian lifestyle in Calgary and what resources are available to Calgarians who are vegan, vegetarian or those who just may want to learn more.

Nutritious vegetarian salad. from Community Natural Foods from the Community Cafe on 10th Ave.  Photo by: Shannon Galley

Nutritious vegetarian salad from Community Natural Foods at the Community Cafe on 10th Ave.
Photo by: Shannon Galley

People decide to become vegetarian for many reasons. For some, it’s an ethical choice while for others it’s for health reasons, or maybe a combination of both. A plant based diet can also be cultural. Whatever the reason, there are many things to consider when looking at a plant-based diet.

This website will look at the health reasons for becoming a vegetarian and resources in Calgary for people who live a plant-based lifestyle or those who are interested in finding out more.

Photo by: Shannon Galley

Photo by: Shannon Galley

We have included recipes, resources and interviews of people who are vegetarian to provide a comprehensive website.

Please use our contact us form if you have any suggestions, comments, questions or concerns.


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